Fusion West Media is Giving Back | We Support Non-Profits, Local Community and Global Social Movements

Giving Back

We love giving back and serving our community in various ways. Do you?

We look to connect and partner with other like-minded individuals, businesses and community social organizations to help make the world a better place.

Our #fusionstrong team at Fusion West Media values community service and giving back. Some of the ways we give back include offering free consulting, discounts on our services, time, energy, resources and financial donations to various charities and non-profits, child sponsorships, food hampers, packing shoe boxes, volunteering, community outreach, and leading social support groups.

Are you a ministry or non-profit organization? Ask about our special rates.

We offer special discounts on our services to better help and support your cause while alleviating budget constraints. We understand that many community outreach programs and non-profits simply do not have the necessary budget to properly invest in their organizations critical backend operations such as IT/Technology, Business Applications or Marketing initiatives. Let us help you to grow and succeed in this capacity.

Contact us today to see how we can help your organization, discuss a potential partnership, and to secure our special rates.

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